Ray Evernham Enterprises

Ray Evernham is a champion and visionary in the world of racing. From helping to resurrect the IROC series in the 80s to collecting championships with Jeff Gordon and Hendrick Motorsports in the 90s, Evernham knows how to win. Voted the Best Crew Chief of All Time, Evernham has used his knowledge on the track to do more than just reach checkered flags. In the 90s, Evernham worked with Ingersoll Rand to perfect the Thunder Gun, revolutionizing tire-changing in the pit box. His thumbprints also remain on many of the engineering systems used by teams throughout the industry.

Ray Evernham and Ray Evernham Enterprises blazed a new trail in performance by creating an environment where technology and racing are codependent. He has set a new standard in the industry beyond the race track. Today, he continues to design and build specialty automobiles and remains a consultant to several motorsports venues, is a NASCAR analyst for ESPN and is a proud partner of Ingersoll Rand.